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thank you for being here. from new york, good night america. [ applause ] >> julie: welcome i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'm gregg gator. a show of force and a hail of bullets. [ gun shots ] >> gregg: that is anti-terror training in the hills of vienna. elite military unit is prepares to open a new front among the al-qaeda forces that live amongst them. we're going to take a close look what america has to do to track down the killers overseas and keep our homeland safe.
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>> to work with this... and i told them everything. and we arrange together this attack. >> julie: a chilling message of revenge from beyond the grave. the man in the video you just saw, the suspected homicide bomber that killed seven c.i.a. employees on december 30th. he apparently sitting next to the new pakistani taliban leader. it surfaces on an arabic station. he was iranian doctor that was recruited. he was supposed to be a double agent hired to infiltrate the upper levels of al-qaeda. instead he was playing for with the other side. caroline shively has this report. >> reporter: in just released tape, he says revenge is why he
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killed the c.i.a. operatives in afghanistan because they killed a pakistani leader with a missile strike back in august. he turned down millions of dollars who wanted him to spy on militants. the father of him says it is his son. he that taped the video shortly before he went a u.s. base and blew himself up employees in afghanistan. he says on the tape we'll never forget the blood of him, referring to the dead taliban leader. >> we need to lead the liberation against them outside the pakistani borders. >> reporter: washington post reports that his vehicle sped through and when checked by a security guard, he quickly dealt nate go the bomb sending steel pellets ripping through him and
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dozens of people near him. in an op-ed for sunday's post, leon panetta lashed out at critics those that gave their lives somehow brought it about themselves. he was about to be searched before he detonated the explosives. his father says he blames america for turning his wife into a widow. >> julie: new reports of a missile strike in pakistan. u.s. intelligence sources say it happened in the north tribal region, a drone strike killing two suspect west side ties to a militant network, a group suspected of involvement in the c.i.a. bombing. this is the sixth such attack in the last week in the area. they are saying three others were wounded in the strike the. >> gregg: recent terrorist activity has the government looking for answers. white house, intelligence
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agencies, they are trying to determine how the red flags were missed ahead of christmas day plane scare and the shootings at fort hood. melanie is live in washington with more on that. >> reporter: good afternoon. there is yet another counterterrorism getting underway in washington. national intelligence director wants an independent assessment of challenges facing the intelligence committee. he has appointed john mclaughlin to lead the investigation. earlier this week the white house reifd a preliminary review of the detroit attack and there is a handful of congressional hearings coming up this month. some analysts say those reviews and reports can make a difference. >> fact of life we have a very large desperate and intelligence community, it's going to take a years with a director to bring it altogether. so they all have to undertake a
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review and see how they can work better together. >> a key republican is continuing his criticism of the white house response to the underwear bombing plot. in the weekly republican address today, peter king said -- we need to act more like a nation at war. he is pushing for a bill that would prevent terrorist suspects from gitmo to be transferred to u.s. soil. >> there is a good reason why the government has had such a hard time transferring these terrorists to other countries. they are worst of the worst. no one should want them. that is why we put in place a process by which these terrorists will be held and tried as enemy combatants by the military. >> reporter: and they are going to try the underwear bomber in federal court. they say an internal white house report on the fort hood shooting says not going to be released until the pentagon releases its
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report. >> gregg: thanks. >> julie: a suspected terrorist appearing before a judge in new york city, pleading not guilty to charges that he flew to pakistan to get terror training from al-qaeda. he was arrested yesterday after he got into a traffic accident while under surveillance. a former classmate of his was also arrested on friday. that man has already pleaded not guilty that he lied tote f.b.i. about a 2008 trip to pakistan. both men have been linked to asazi accused of terror attacks to make home made bombs. last sunday's security breach. a student taken into custody yesterday. and later released, police believe he is the man seen in this surveillance video, this video, walking the wrong way to
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an airport exit. reportedly to talk to his girlfriend. it sparked a six hour long shutdown causing headaches for many travelers. >> reporter: did it did take a lot of legwork to identify the man. after a lot of rewinding that surveillance tape we were just looking at, investigators found their man and tracked him down to find out what kind of security this guy posed. he is a 28-year-old graduate student that was studying at rutgers university. friends describe him as a romantic that just wanted to see his girlfriend. she was kasmg a flight to lax. after following up on leads, they found jarngs in new jersey. he is expected to be charged with defiant trespass which could carry a $500 fine. this security tape pulled from newark airport shows how he went
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around the security guard station after he was reportedly told to stay put. he had been spotted before. jang is seen ducking under the routine and then walking into the area with his girlfriend. one of jang's roommates, he didn't think it was a serious matter. >> i don't know. i don't know what he was thinking about. he wanted to see his girlfriend. >> reporter: the thousands of travelers who were inconvenienced by jang's through security. it took hours and sometimes days to get back home. it was a real mess. new jersey state senator who has been vocal about the breach that jang's actions was premeditated. what he did was a terrible injustice while the travelers, he has been summoned to appear in new york municipal court next
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week. >> gregg: across the pond, british police made arrests on people. there was a jetliner bound for emirates but a search of the plane found nothing suspicious. all three suspects are british. >> julie: unruly passengers forcing two planes to change course here in the u.s. one was a hawaiian airline flight bound to vase las vague. it was diverted to los angeles after a man was accused of harassing a woman. the man was released after the woman didn't press charges. it resumed to hawaii and arrived three hours late. fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a san francisco bound flight because of a disruptive passenger. the drunk passenger refused to follow flight crew instructions and locked himself in the bathroom. fellow passengers describe the
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scene. >> the guy is just going off on the stewardess, she told him he has too much to drink and he had no shoes or shirt on. >> even when we went to land, we stood up in the back of plane. >> julie: when will passengers learn? they diverted the plane to the colorado springs. they arrested him there. federal charges for interference with a flight crew are expected to be filed on monday. >> gregg: hugo chavez doing major saber rattling. he claims that he sent two jets to intercept a u.s. military plane. it entered venezuela airspace. the u.s. air force denying that it does not fly over another nation without pry consent and coordination.
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>> julie: president obama focusing attention on job creation as america heads into the midterm election year. president used his weekly address to acknowledge americans concerns over the economy. >> we need to rebuild our economy that our families can measure security again. too many folks i've talked to and whose stories i read tell me that they've known their own private reis session since long before economists declared one. they still feel the recession long after economists have declared it over. >> julie: they warn that it could remain in double digits until november. could jobs cost americans big when americans head to the polls? is there time to turn things around. john is with the staff hill paper. the employment rate is expected
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to real estate remain at 10.5% come next november. we're also not just talking about the unemployment, the housing market is still weak and president obama's to help homeowners have had little impact. some economists say more stimulus is needed to prevent another recession. can the dems turn this around come this summer? that is when people make up their minds, right? >> that is the big question. the economy is going to play a much bigger role in how people vote in november than the health care debate or potentially or the terrorism or national security if there is not another major attack. this is a big keb concern for democrats. they are looking at the unemployment numbers and don't know how to get them down necessarily. it's how much they can put together between now and summer and try to make it appear that the economy is getting better.
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>> julie: many economists expect jobs to reseem in february or march. even though the unemployment rate will remain 10.5%. do you think the voters will buy that the new jobs is a sign of progress? >> i think it will depend on whether or not democrats can demonstrate in other areas that the economy is getting better, especially if they don't get it down below 10.5%. if they get it down below 10, that could actually end up helping them a lot. they are going to have a hard road to hoe with making it appear that the economy is better when everybody is focused on the unemployment numbers. >> julie: the numbers most likely to judge, unemployment rate, the pace of job creation, those are the two things that americans care about most. our voters liable to ask why all the focus on health care when you should have been dealing with the unemployment.
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with all the folk on health care legislation, how badly do you think it's going to hurt the dems and the president? >> it could. one of the arguments democrats will be making over the next six to eight months, the health care reforms will help people to help the economy. they'll help lower your costs personally and sort of help the economy generally by reducing the overall economic effect of healthcare. ly the be a difficult argument to make base republicans have done a good job of boxing them in on this bill. so a lot of the reforms on the bill won't be taking place until after the election. so people won't see them personally and there are not the sweeping reforms. so it's going to be sort of a message war over this. >> julie: yeah. and economists do generally agree that the chief contribution of $787 billion stimulus has helped but republicans are going to argue that the continued high unemployment rate shows the plan was a costly failure. how badly does the president now
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need to find ways to prove that he has not lost focus on the economy considering he has so many other things on his plate right now, with terror and health care. the list goes on and on? >> it is difficult for him. the reality that he tried to focus on health care for all this time. he sort of got beat up. initially for not be engaged in that as some folks wanted him. the christmas day bombing attack and he had to pivot to the economy. i think it's going to be difficult for him to do that and go after some of the legislative items that he has. >> julie: john stanton, it will be an interesting year. >> gregg: an apology from harry reid over comments he made about then 'senator barack obama. it's revealed in a new book called "game change"
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according to the authors, reid spoke privately about senator obama saying he thought america would embrace a man he called "light skin had with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one." he released a statement. i deeply regret using such -- >> gregg: pobt releasing a statement and we'll quote that as well saying --
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>> julie: yemeni forces, with their own military tied up in two wars. we need yemeni troops to be successful. what the u.s. can do to help their chances, next. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus.
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>> julie: yemeni anti-terror combat forces conducting intense terror exercises today. [ gun shots ] >> these drills coming at a time of heightened security in the country. troops running live fire exercises on a rugged terrain outside the nation's capitol and performing a mock raid on a house to test their skills. the anti-terror forces are training to better train against the al-qaeda fighters believed to be operating in yemeni. >> gregg: but are they up to going against al-qaeda. our u.s. military is focusing on afghanistan so what we can
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expect from yemen's troops. how can we ensure a victory of the terrorists in that country? david hunt joins us now. colonel, great to see you. what do you think the u.s. options when it comes to degrading the terror apparatus in yemen? >> a couple of things. it goes back to the underwear bomber, we need to be much better than we were. about 15 years we have been training the yemenis special forces. they're not bad. the problem is the government is corrupt and incompetent, similar to what we're seeing in afghanistan. so it's not trust jus training the forces, but the government's reluctance to use them. the government in yemen has got zero control outside the
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capital. >> gregg: on thursday, the top terror expert, john brennan expressed surprise, surprise that al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula was sophisticated enough to carry out this jetliner plot. is it worrisome to you, if not shocking, that the top advisor at the white house seemed to some people to be, well, clueless? >> yeah. the long list of people that should be fired over this incident in december and what happened at the army major in fort hood, brennan is at the top of the list. he is for the terrorism center that failed. he worked for a private company that failed. now he is the advisor of obama administration. we've seen his capabilities. brennan is top guy that has to go. it's unfortunate. we have great intelligence agencies as well as soldiers but it's always going to be the
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leadership starting with the president working through guys like brennan. yemen is tough nut to crack but we have no chance, gregg, if our intelligence communities led by guys like brennan continue to do what they are doing. >> gregg: help me understand this. the role of yemeni terrorism dates back to the u.s.s. cole bombing and that was almost a decade ago. october of 2000. how could we not have, in the interim ten years, not developed a coherent strategy for dealing with a growing terrorist threat in yemen? >> because as great a nation as we are, we always close the door after the horses get out. we went to afghanistan because of 9/11 and then iraq. yemen fell off the screen. but as we pushed al-qaeda around the middle east, some of them
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squirted in yemen. that is perfect for terrorist organizations because as we said before, the government in the capital there is corrupt and incompetent and has no affect on the tribes outside of the capital. >> gregg: there is a great article in the "new york times" by mark lander who says, look, it seems like we're putting money in yemen, almost $70 million for the military alone but that the same amount of foreign aid we give to serbia. we need to step that up in your judgment? >> absolutely. we've done good training, but the government and other aspects of that countries need more help. not an invasion. that is not going to work, but that government needs an awful lot of bolstering if we expect them to do the majority of fighting against al-qaeda in their own country. >> gregg: and we're going to throw in predator drone strikes,
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cruise missiles as well? >> the government, but it's the soldiers on the ground like we have in the afghanistan is the what should happen. >> julie: if you received a pink slip in 2009, you're not alone. millions of americans are still out of work. how do you land your new job in the next year and how do you keep yourself sane in the meantime. we have all the answers, straight ahead.
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>> julie: before we get to domenica davis. we had to show you this. think you were cold? take a look at these people in tokyo. yeah, they are pouring ice cold water on themselves outside. it is all part of a religious ritual at a shrine. they to cleanse the body with cold, clean water. >> gregg: it's not working for me. doctors rule. >> julie: i think we got the video for the entire segment on weather. the calendar will tell you it's january. as you step outside from the plains to florida, most of the country is locked in a deep freeze. it is winter.
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>> gregg: it is, indeed. but what is it going to warm up? help us out, domenica davis. >> we do have some very unusually cold temperatures as far as south as florida where they have temperatures running 20-30 degrees below normal. you can see on the radar this morning. we have freezing rain and some sleet. flurries and georgia has been getting on some snow. this is very unusual weather. high pressure system that won't quit. it is covering much of the nation. you can see it's on the radar. few lake effect snow showers, but high pressure is the dominant weather feature and keeps reinforcing this arctic air. but we do have warmer temperatures that will slowly start to push it's way into the forecast. unfortunately not indicates today. we're still going to be looking
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at some very chilly overnight lows and they go far south. so again, in florida we are looking at another situation where we have frost, freeze and wind chill advisories for tonight and tomorrow morning. this may be one of the coldest mornings we've seen with this cold snap. for tonight, it is going to be brutally cold. then some warmer air coming into the picture. i'll tell you more about that coming up. >> gregg: domenica davis, thanks so much. >> gregg: time for the top of the news. a new videotape of the suspect in the deadly c.i.a. bombing. the man appearing to be mocking u.s. and jordanian intelligence and urging other jihadists to attack american targets. c.i.a. is stepping up attacks in pakistan. intel sources saying a drone
4:31 pm
missile strike killed two terror suspects. that happened in the north tribal region. sixth such attack in the last week. a new york city man is arraigned on terror charges. prosecutors saying that he flew for military training from al-qaeda. he entered a plea of not guilty. he was one of two men arrested for ties to a bomb plot in the big apple. >> julie: several churches were under attack. david piper has the story from bangkok, thailand. >> what started these attacks, was from the malacia, that said christians. court ruling followed the petition by roman catholic church which many publication use the word allah in the
4:32 pm
edition. the ruling applies to malay language bibles, more than 10,000 copies by authorities because they translated god as allah. they say it's read by christian tribes. and they speak of languages but pray mostly in malay. it's many muslim but there is chinese and indian minorities that practice buddhism and behind due. they see it as threat to their religion. >> it's muslim... we live in a multiracial can country with all harmony. everybody has been so good to each other. why there are some people trying
4:33 pm
to -- i think it's foolish. >> reporter: the debate has split the muslim community in malaysia with some scholars saying that christians ought to be able to use the word. >> julie: david, thank you. >> gregg: a beloved mexican priest is accused of selling the sacrament. we're calling immigrant families being charged nearly $200 for confirmations and baptisms here in the united states and using the proceeds to help his parish back home. casey siegle has more. what does the catholic church have to say about all of this? >> this man has been characterized as a modern day robin hood. selling sacraments. that the mexican priests are coming into the united states and charging for certain services, baptisms and fast
4:34 pm
track confirmations. eonts there is no record of the sacrament when it's done in this rogue way. they are not done in the parish and sometimes they are not performed by authorized clergy and that can spell big problems down the line when you try to get your kid into catholic school. simply there is no records of even having these services performed. so a lot of issues. >> gregg: what do the mexican priests have to say for themselves? >> only one has been identified by the church. authorities are saying that a number of mexican priests come into the united states, not only california, but other border states, as well. a father of the tijuana diocese, he has been sort of the front page forerunner of this particular story, he says he doesn't believe he is doing anything wrong. he believes he is ministering to the community the best way he can. he is a very popular in hits his
4:35 pm
own country. they have about 8,000 people. some priests here in southern california have sent out warning messages to their own parishioners warning that the father figeeroa may be in the country trying to sell these particular sacraments. >> julie: just a week into the draw year we saw the first bank failure. they shut down horizon bank. the bank was closed after failing to meet a 30-day deadline to raise additional capital. the failure is expected to cost the fdic insurance fund just over $539 million. now, regulators closed a total of 140 banks in 2009, compare that to 25 bank failures in 2008 and just 3 in 2007. >> if you are out of work, 2010 could be a tough year to find a job.
4:36 pm
some analysts predict it unemployment could remain high. so if you or someone you know has been out of work for months now, what can you do to improve your chances to find a new job. patricia powell, founder of patricia financial group, how to make your hunt more productive. what are the three most important things you need to find a job. you say there are three? >> contact, contact, and contact. any way you look at it, every expert agrees that more jobs are found through contacts than any other way. so it's incredibly important for you to work successful job hunters have been able to turn into jobs in the past. you've got to work the same way. you've got to work your contacts. >> julie: so, follow-up i guess is just as important to reaching out to the contacts? >> you have to constantly reach out to them. everybody is a contact and you have to contact them over and over again. you are now in sales.
4:37 pm
what you are selling is yourself. your job is not done until you have that job. so everybody is a contact, whether it be a friend, a relation. interestingly, co-workers from the former job, former boss, if you were a good worker, there are still contacts. they may not be able to hire you but they may know where there is a job. putting a good word for you. this person is a good worker or this is a good man, contacts are everything. if you don't have any, you have to start developing them. >> julie: thank you notes are important. i always used to say, around christmastime, send out holiday cards because networking is huge? >> absolutely. somebody just helped you or they tried to help you, a handwritten thank you. i know there is no job at the multiply but everything you tried to do for me. put the name in front one more time. you can't thank people enough. >> julie: and you have to
4:38 pm
emphasize skills over experience? >> absolutely. it's what you can do, not what you used to do. what can you do. the important thing, if you don't have a skill and technology is moving forward very quickly, go get one. on many of the states are offering for unemployed retraining. when you to go retraining class you want to be the best person in that class. you want to be the top student, because guess what? the trainer and teacher is another contact. when they are looking for somebody, they may ask that trainer, who is the best one in your class. you want to be the name. >> julie: and part time for or full-time job, don't be discouraged by temp jobs? >> absolutely. a lot of jobs go temp to perm. they are hiring people and they find they don't work out and a lot of big companies hire people
4:39 pm
temporarily. sometimes its one year assignment. they are hired through an agency and at the end of the time, the job is done, if they still like you they find a place for you. this is a great way to get into a big company. >> julie: right now, when you are not making money and looking for a paying job, last thing on the mind, let me do some volunteer work, but may be you should consider that? >> i think its great thing i can do. first of all, it gets you doing something. you are not sitting home anymore. and helping somebody else makes you feel good. finally, you'll find other volunteers there and other volunteers, they are also contacts. they are looking, you know what, this is a good person. maybe when i get a know of a job this is somebody i'll recommend for it. >> gregg: now you see it. now you don't. a nickel that was featured on a television show has got $3.7 million at auction.
4:40 pm
pretty good interest rate. rare coin, one of only 5-1913 lick wills in existence. it had the 15 minutes of tv fame remember this show, book em. a thief tried to steal it in a sleight of hand trick. >> 1973, what were you doing. >> gregg: i just graduated high school. >> julie: i entered the world that year -- i'm sorry. moving on. >> gregg: i'm not buying it. i'm not buying it. i want to see a birth certificate. >> julie: it was hartford hospital. >> julie: congressional lawmakers are hard at work on a new health care bill. after it's switched from the house to senate what can we expect? week expect a final price tag? what is it going to be,
4:41 pm
affecting the bottom line. and new year's smooch goes tir terribly wrong. and a texas man is missing his bottom lip to prove it. we're not kidding. we have the gross details and what police are saying about ith fedex. i already sent them. i didn't use fedex. better cross your fingers. [ man ] oh, yeah, the accident. well, you better knock on wood. remember, we did a green renovation in here, there's no wood. but russ bought a rabbit's foot. 's a bear claw. you could throw salt over your shoulder. actually, that's a salt substitute. but you should find dan -- i think he's a leprechaun. what is it about me that says leprechaun? can someone tell me please, someone? you should have used fedex. [ male announcer ] we understand. you need reliable overnight shipping. fedex.
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>> gregg: we do have a new story peyton manning, we can the honor handily. 50 sports writers cast their votes, 39 1/2 went to peyton compared to 7 1/2 votes next drew brees coming in for 4500 yards and led the colts to record come back win. manning also won back in several other years. take that. ocho cinco, take that. >> julie: so glad you are watching us instead. now to health care reform. healthcare overall is going to be expensive, what can we expect in terms of final price tag and how will uncle sam pay for it?
4:45 pm
as part of ongoing series, debating the differences, chief washington correspondent has this report. >> president obama pledged he would not sign a health care bill that increased the deficit or cost more than $900 billion. lawmakers say that is what they delivered. >> the president and we and the senate have pledged that this will be paid for, it will bring down costs and bring down the deficit. >> wasn't easy, democrat leaders kept massaging the numbers. the ceo is required to score what congress says it will do whether lawmakers will actually do it the so when the democratic told the cbo that they cut 5 hidden billion from medicare. that would reduce the deficit by more than $130 billion. >> there are a number of things that make that highly implausible. >> such as covering the
4:46 pm
uninsured by sending medicaid, shifting costs to cash strapped states. or double counting savings in medicare, also spending the money elsewhere. >> you can't spend the same dollar twice. >> then there is something called the doctor fix in medicare, a move to undo what they did in medicare spending. under current law, doctors that treat the elder would face a 21% cut. so they simply removed it from the reform bill. >> biggest hole in the financing is the fact that they have left out. >> reducing the deficit to making it worse because the doc fix would cost some $210 billion. congress has to fix it anyway, so the house passed it but added
4:47 pm
to the deficit. >> how will that be financed or will it be financed? that is an open question. >> reporter: cuts to doctors and early attempt to cutting medicare spending never took place why critics are skeptical. as the new ri forms kick in, medicare goes into huge financial trouble as babyboomers retire. this may be the worst time to roll the deficit zblool. >> julie: it was a new year's kiss one man in texas will never wipe off. police are stumped for a motive why a woman bit off her boyfriend's lip during a new year's eve kiss. dallas police say 41-year-old woman chomped on her boyfriend's lip tearing it off his face. the man called 911 for help but then he refused to press charges
4:48 pm
police arrested her charging her with aggravated assault and family violence. the man was treated to a nearby hospital. the couple reportedly has a two-year-old son together. >> gregg: i hope they were able to retrieve it and sew it back on. >> you know how your dog likes to stick his head out the window >> julie: oh, yeah. >> gregg: take a look at this. police in arizona busted a guy after a traffic camera showed him standing up through the sun roof driving through rush hour. not once but twice they snapped him driving this way. according to police he was doing 65 miles per hour. the first time and few minutes later he was clocked at 78 miles an hour. he is facing a slew of charges, didn't jack nicholson did it in terms of endearment. >> julie: that was a movie.
4:49 pm
not very smart. imagine if he gone under a low lying bridge. >> gregg: ouch. >> julie: shocking new study. what soda fountains -- i love them. >> gregg: i'm not going there any more. >> julie: we'll tell you what soda fountains and bathrooms have in common. it's no the fuas else and it's not french-fries. we'll explain coming up in tree minutes. >> gregg: french-fries? ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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>> gregg: time for top of the news. one of two men arrested in queens for arrested terror links pleading not guilty today. he is accused of flying to pakistan for al-qaeda terror training and investigators connecting him to a suspected terrorist accused of plotting an attack in new york city. >> julie: a drone strike killing two people known as a stronghold of a militant network, a same group suspected in last week's bombing at a c.i.a. base in afghanistan. >> gregg: and friend speaking on the man that was arrested for breaching security last sunday at the airport.
4:53 pm
they say he was just romantic who wanted to see his girlfriend when he walked through an exit to talk to her. ♪ >> julie: we've got good news on the h1n1 department. it seems that the h1n1 seems to be slowing down. unless you live in alabama, alabama is the very last state in the nation where the h1n1 flu is still being reported as widespread. according to the centers for disease control. it peaked in late october when as many as 48 states saw activity. the government is warning people don't let your guard down. you can still get the flu and it's still making people sick. >> gregg: they are reporting that pope benedict xvi paid a visit to a cardinal. the cardinal in question broke a hip during an incident inside st. petersburg basilica.
4:54 pm
a mentally disturbed woman tackling the pope during a procession. cardinal fell during the commotion as security guards rushed to his aid. >> who doesn't like a icy cold fountain soda or popcorn at the movie theater. popcorn and the diet coke. beware. a new study, beverage dispensers are serving up more than soda, specifically, ill people bacteria. >> gregg: joining us is a carolyn cromwell. good to see you doctor. first of all, do you trust the integrity and the results of this study? second of all, how does fecal matter make its way to a dispenser? >> first of all, i do trust the study. it was small study from virginia
4:55 pm
fast food restaurants and they tested many soda dispensers and they found bacteria in 70%. 50% with bacteria that is associated with fecal matter. >> julie: how did it get on the soda dispensers? >> first of all, fecal matter is everywhere, much more than we would like to believe. in terms of the soda machines, the study is not sure, but it may have been probably from improper handwashing, leading to infiltration through the plastic tubing. >> gregg: it would have to be workers who went to the bathroom didn't wash their hands and putting together the tubing on the dispensioners and touch the exterior? >> this tested personnel on the soda machines and soda machines used by customers.
4:56 pm
it may be very well from both sources. they found many different keinsz of bacteria in these samples. >> julie: what about our drinking water? when you go to a restaurant and they ask you tap, sparkling or whatever, you are assuming the tap water is okay. they say the water is very fresh here. does our drinking water get affected something like this? >> drinking water shouldn't. we have very strict guidelines. only 20% of the samples exceeded the bacteria limit for drinking water. it comes back down to hygiene. from the drinking water into the restaurant to our favorite sodas in the fast food restaurant, proper hygiene, proper cleaning of hands is what is necessary. >> gregg: i've always been suspicious of the self-serve dispensers and so forth. if we were to eliminate that, might that cut down on contamination? >> i actually think so. we have great hygiene techniques
4:57 pm
and we eliminate the public dispensing soda themselves, i think it would cut down on the rates of bacteria greatly. >> julie: or just by bottled. >> gregg: right. or just stay home. now --. >> julie: don't go anywhere. >> the immuno compromised people they should probably stick to the canned sodas. >> gregg: thanks for being with us. >> julie: new video, a homicide bomber's message before he murdered 7 c.i.a. employees in afghanistan. latest on the investigation and the c.i.a.'s chief response to the agency's critics next. so ir going to have the heart attack.
4:58 pm
i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take ca of.
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hello, welcome back.
5:00 pm
i'm julie banderas. >> welcome to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters. a new york city man under investigation for his links to a terror suspect pleading not guilty a short time ago to charges that he fled to pakistan to get military training from al-qaeda. >> the government of yemen begins a military offensive ramping up the fight against al-qaeda with u.s. assistance. we have a live. >> the investigation into the repeat terror plots and attacks are far from over. many in washington are still looking for solutions and answers on just how to keep this country safe. the director of national intelligence says he's now forming a new commission to look into the recent intel failures. now more from washington. tell us about this latest review. >> reporter: this review is supposed to look at intelligence failures in both the case of the underwear bomber and the fort hood shooter. the national intelligence director named former c.i.a.
5:01 pm
director john mclachlan to look at recent challenges facing the intelligence community. that is on top of a white house review, plus congressional hearings upcoming. some think that these reviews can be valuable. here is former national security official gordon jandro. >> they do need to move quickly. it's good to see reforms are being tut in place now. the reviews need to be concluded because additional reforms will probably be necessary. but we have to figure out what we want wrong and how do we stop it from happening again. >> reporter: he says congressional hearings can be useful if they don't turn into grand standing. >> republicans use their weekly address to criticize the white house on its response to terrorism. what's the gop saying? >> reporter: congressman peter king said in the radio address today that reviews are all well and good, but the administration should stop sending mixed messages. they should send a clear signal that we are at war. king is pushing for legislation
5:02 pm
that would prevent detainees at gitmo from being transferred from the u.s. >> to keep terrorists out of america act will help to insure we're treating terrorism as what it is, a war crime. not a law enforcement issue. we can't gather the intelligence we need to foil future attacks if we are blindly granting terrorists the right to remain silent. for some reason, we've already done that with the terrorist who tried to bring down flight 253. >> reporter: congressman king is one of many republican lawmakers who want to see the underwear bombing suspect tried by military commission instead of federal court. >> it's not just the embarrassment of red flags that were missed related to the christmas day bombing attack, the fort hood shooting pretty much the same thing. they also have something else in common. the american born radical cleric in yemen. when might we see a report on the fort hood shooting? >> reporter: that was back on november 5.
5:03 pm
we do expect the pentagon report on fort hood later this month. the white house also preparing a report, but we understand that they won't release theirs 'til after the defense department releases its report, gregg. >> live in washington, thanks. some scary moments for passengers on two separate flights. one plane made an emergency landing due to an unruly passenger. the air tran san francisco bound flight landed in colorado springs. it turns out the plane was escorted by military fighters jets. cops say the passenger was intoxicated and apparently locked himself in the bathroom. >> the guy is just going off on the stewardess 'cause she's telling him you had too much to drink. but he has no shoes and no shirt on. >> they were pointing and yelling and even when we went to land, he wouldn't sit down. he stood up in the back of the plane. >> i was very upset. and i haven't flown in ten years. of course, it happens when i'm
5:04 pm
on the plane. >> in another incident, authorities charge add man with interfering with a flight to hawaii. he made threats on an inflight note card and reports to crashing and landing on gilligan's island. that prompted the pilots to turn the plane around, then land back in portland, oregon. he was allegedly upset that he couldn't store his bag under his exit row seat. we're learning chilling details about the deadly attack on c.i.a. employees in afghanistan and the man accused of carrying out that bombing. a new tape surfacing of the man. he gives his reasons for becoming a murderer. today we're also getting new reaction from c.i.a. director leon panetta who says no one ignored the potential danger in dealing with this man. it was supposed to be working with us. caroline shively has details from washington. >> reporter: in a video released tape, a jordanian doctor says revenge is why he killed the c.i.a. operatives, because the
5:05 pm
c.i.a. had killed a pakinstani taliban leader with a missile strike in august. he also says he turned down millions of dollars from the u.s. and jordan who wanted him to spy on militants. the father of him says it's his son. he taped the video shortly before he went on a u.s. base and blew up seven c.i.a. agents and himself in afghanistan. he says on the tape, we will never forget the blood of our emir, referring to the dead taliban leader. saying it's their duty to go after other american targets. >> the "washington post" reports that just before the blast, his vehicle sped through checkpoints on base and when he stepped out to be checked by security guard, he quickly detonated the bomb, sending pelllets through him and others.
5:06 pm
they called meeting an asset like that, bad trade craft. in an op ed for sunday's post, c.i.a. director panetta lashed out at critics who say those who gave their lives somehow brought it upon themselves. he says the bomber was about to be searched when he detonated his explosives, unlike earlier reports. his father says he blames america for turning the bomber's wife into a widow and his sons into orphans. gregg? >> caroline shively in washington. thanks. just a short while ago, a funeral was held for one of the syringes of the homicide bombs. he was a retired army master sergeant who worked as a civilian employee for the c.i.a. in afghanistan. he served in the united states army for 27 years. the attack was the deadliest one for americans in afghanistan since eight soldiers were killed in an insurgent attack on the base in the east in october 3. more now on the fallout from the president's review of the
5:07 pm
break down that occurred which allowed a nigerian national to board a plane bound for the u.s. with explosives in his clothing. the at acknowledging the buck stops with him. but there is only so much he can do. he plans to give part of the task of diagnosing the failures to the intelligence advisory board. let's bring in neil livingston, a terrorism expert. thank you very much for talking to us. so what will be first on the blue ribbon's panel agenda with regard to addressing the intel failures that led to the foiled terrorist attack on christmas? >> this is kind of like day gentleman view. we've had a lot of panels already. i'm not sure we really need another one to go through this because it's fairly obvious where the breakdowns occurred and the president has identified most of those. the issue is what are we going to do about them. that's what the panel will focus
5:08 pm
on. and they're going to focus on whether we need to restructure the government in some way, whether we need to have new equipment, new techniques for screening passengers. but they're going to avoid the real questions such as should we -- should heads roll as a result of what happened? should we get new people in there? the president is very long on diagnosis, but bad on prescription. >> whose head do you think should roll? >> i'm one of those people that believe janet napolitano, among others should roll. if she got it so wrong as to address the sunday morning talk shows and say, the system worked like it was supposed to, i mean, that's so incredible that -- either that or it's so partisan that she wanted to take a partisan point of view to try to cover the sins that happened. she doesn't belong there. and there are probably others in the administration as well in the intelligence community and i'm one of those people that believe that people are policy.
5:09 pm
this administration doesn't necessarily believe that. they want to deep the people in place and hope they get it right the second time, or the third time. >> what do you think about the president's top counterterrorism advisor? he's given him 30 days to report back to the president on the progress and various intelligence agencies have been directed to do the same by obama. question is, what do you do with john brennan? do you feel he is one of the heads that should roll? >> brennan is a good man. the problem is that things didn't work. we have to ask, what was brennan doing? why were there so many breakdowns in terms of the collection of intelligence, processing of intelligence? why didn't they know this guy was on the plane? why wasn't he on a no fly list? why did he get a visa to begin with? mr. brennan will have to come up with very good answers. but again, the issue is really we need new programs. those programs have been on the table or new policies. those have been on the table for the past eight years. trusted traveler program,
5:10 pm
limitations on visas, secondary screening for target populations, all those things we've known about for a long time and this isn't really rocket science. we don't need to reinvent the wheel in order to get the answers here. >> yeah. they want to review issuance with emphasis on counterterrorism regarding issuing visas and determining how technology can facilitate visa business processes. how can a man from nigeria, now coined as one of the countries that now will go through this additional screening process that we were alerted by the tsa last week, a man from nigeria like this obtain a visa in the first place? i know a lot of people who are trying to get a visa, working this this country and have been here for years and can't get a visa. >> that's right. particularly from nigeria. he did come from a prominent family. we we know his father, much to his credit, came in and talked to the f.b.i., the c.i.a.,
5:11 pm
homeland security and others about the fact that his son had some very disconcerting militant tendencies. and but he was given a visa by the visa officer who probably didn't do enough work, didn't inquire too deeply. when the british denied him a visa a year ago, when they took his visa away, that should have gone into the system and his visa should have been canceled at that point. >> the d.a. will need to enhance screening technology. we talked about the body scanning screening process that would have prevented him from getting on the plane in the first place. these procedure, this needs to be reviewed by this panel and other transportation sectors, how, though, is the panel going to approach this and deal with privacy rights and civil liberties which often seem to be getting in the way and perhaps or the reason why this man got away with it in the first place. >> i'm one of those people that believe technology is not
5:12 pm
completely developed yet. it's very expensive and probably should be used in secondary screenings alone. right now we can take someone we think is smuggling drugs and strip search them in an airport. so there is really not a privacy issue on secondary screenings. the problem is, is that if we subject everyone to this. that's because we don't profile properly like the israelis do. and we don't limit the target population. we try to put everyone through in our politically correct system so that we have as many blond women going through the line as we do young, shall we see middle eastern males from subject countries. >> behavioral profiling. that's the way they do it in israel. they don't have this sort of problem. apparently we can't get a handle on that because 9-11 was some time ago. my question is, these machines are $170,000. we're spending trillions on health care, billions on bailouts. why not spend $170,000 per
5:13 pm
airport so that you have these systems in place until this panel comes back, congress comes back and something is done to prevent it from happening again? >> one of the problems is that we don't have enough machines anyway right now. we can't scale it up that quickly. but we could put more in the airport and we should be using them, again, on a subject population. people that we are not quite confident that should be boarding an aircraft. if we had a trusted traveler program, which would say that anyone who wants to give up a biometric and personal data can go through the fast line, then we could focus primarily on those people who we don't know, getting on the plane like this guy, who bought a one way ticket to the united states with cash. that's part of a profiling over 30 years. so there were failures all through the system. it's not going to be solved by simply having new screening machines at the airport. >> yeah. if you fly domestically here in the united states and buy a one way ticket, you're automatically
5:14 pm
brought into a separate area. it happened to me several times. but i don't hide explosives in my underwear. and i'm not from nigeria. i guess those are obvious points. i wanted to make them clear. thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> security scare in the united kingdom, police arrested three men who allegedly made a bomb threat on a plane at london's heathrow airport. officers pulled them off a flight bound for dubai. a search did not turn up anything. the men are said to be britains, ages ranging from 36 to 58. the other passengers were also taken off the plane and put up in a hotel overnight. the obama administration special middle east peace envoy preparing to head to the region to try to get negotiations between israel and the palestinians back on track. ahead of that visit it appears george mitchell is playing hard ball. now more on that story from jerusalem. >> reporter: hi. bombshell coming from a u.s. official regarding middle east
5:15 pm
peace. middle east envoy george mitchell says among the legal options the u.s. has in forcing israel to return to peace talks is withholding aid to the jewish state and freezing loan guarantees. those comments were made during an interview. while mitchell did not say the u.s. is threatening to use that course, he did say it was an option. it's rare that a u.s. administration official would speak publicly about withholding aid. the last time the u.s. threatened to freeze loan guarantees was during president bush senior's administration. mitchell did say he believed progress on talks was being made. however, on the palestinian side, officials say they reject the u.s. call for new middle east peace talks until there is a complete freeze on settlement construction, including in jerusalem. meanwhile, the gaza strip spokesman for the militant group jihad claims israel wants another war. the group says they're prepared to face any attack. those comments come as one rocket and 12 mortars were shot
5:16 pm
into israel. they launched multiple air strikes into gaza. >> thanks. >> it is a big chill for much of the nation. many areas in a deep freeze, including the sunshine state. citrus growers in central florida bracing for record cold to hit their crops. the oranges in some places already frozen onto the trees. how much longer until it warms up? domenica davis is live in the fox weather center. hi there. it's not supposed to be freezing in florida. >> i know. it's terrible down there. as far down as miami, believe it or not. temperatures running 25 degrees below normal. here is a look at the current temperature right now. in tampa, 36 degrees. very chilly 36 degrees. tonight could be some of the coldest temperatures. i know we keep saying that every day, but the temperatures are getting cooler as we head into
5:17 pm
our overnight. we have warmer air coming in. dome of high pressure is pretty strong over the middle part of the country. the warmer air from the west is going to start to move in. so a slow warm-up from west to east that will start tomorrow and then move off to the east and down to the south by midweek. a few more days to go with temperatures getting warmer. today in minneapolis, temperatures are about ten degrees cooler than they will be tomorrow. so make it up to 21, 29 in kansas. it is going to be slow, but it will certainly be just a little warmer. we were talking about the cold temperatures in florida. that did make for freezing rain, sleet and even a few flurries through parts of northern florida. georgia also saw that. this system is pretty much dying out. we are looking at all rain now. certainly if you picked this week to go on vacation down in
5:18 pm
miami, it wasn't a good one. >> one of our producers, poor guy, deserved it. he's down in florida right now. thank you. >> art cloakly has died at the age of 88. you may not recognize the name. you would recognize a character that he created. >> how did you learn how to bake? >> i'm watching my mother. >> gumby, made his debut on the howdy doody show. the first show on television he used claymation. green was his favorite color. his wife thought making him look
5:19 pm
like a little gingerbread man was a good idea. for the atlantaed head, that was modeled after one of cloaky's only pictures of his father. go figure. art cloaky died at his home in his sleep in california. he is survived by his son, stepdaughter and three grandchildren. >> congress heading back to work soon. on the docket, the health care bill and the president wanting a bill on his desk before his state of the union speech. can this really be done? is there enough time? fair and balanced debate in two minutes. $$$$$$$$$$$$
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check con the headlines. the u.s. is denying a claim by hugo chavez that a u.s. military plane entered their air space. hed

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